Redgate Farm

Redgate Farm Wholesale Gourmet commenced business in 1981

Redgate Farm is a 4th Generation working family property, currently growing quail, ducks, spatchcock & free range chicken for foodservice.

Farming background:

From the beginning in 1981; we have practised chemical free farming methods. The only fertilisers used on paddocks are the manures that our animals generate. We use commercially formulated feed mixes – & almost never medicate. Disease control is a management issue – manage your animal husbandry & the animals are essentially healthy & happy.

Our animal genetics are what sets us apart. Our quail are the largest that are grown for the table worldwide (we have spent the last decade searching the world for comparable finished weights on birds) Maggie Beer used our quail for ‘the final feast’ at the Pheasant Farm Restaurant. Our quail have featured on menus in the best restaurants in Sydney, regional NSW, Victoria & Queensland. Our farm and products were featured in television series and book; ‘Surfing The Menu’

In a nutshell; what is Redgate Farm?

  • An agricultural business with a unique knowledge base
  • Great staff committed to a shared future
  • Chaos (egg collecting, incubating, hatching raising, processing, packaging, marketing, retailing, distributing, delivering, educating, doing markets, answering telephones)

Great products

See us at the markets –
Sydney Morning Herald Good Living Growers Market @ Pyrmont, North side Produce Market.

Charlie & Carolyn Scott
Company Directors